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Gluten-free restaurant Finder

This app is for those who suffer from celiac disease. Those who must use gluten-free foods. I designed an app for them so that according to their needs, they can find the restaurant they want around their residence. This app is also suitable for those who are looking for lactose-free and vegan foods. Before going to the restaurant, they can see the price and type of food from the menu and book the restaurant. They can also see the opinions of those who went to the restaurant and make a decision.

What I did

  • Researched the users demands.

  • Researched about celiac disease and gluten-free foods.

  • I interviewed some person who has this disease.

  • Defined a persona..

  • I did competitive analysis and searched between some Restaurant finder app to find their problem (for this kind of disease).

  • Designed a home page in a way that users can filter all their needs in a home page.

  • After usability testing and many iterations, Designed the pages related to searched and find and reserve a appropriate restaurant.

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